Tuesday, August 05, 2008

After 5 hour meeting, Favre wants out

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was supposed to address the media last evening at about 8:15 after meeting with Brett Favre for an hour or two beforehand. But that didn't happen. The meeting lasted until after 11 p.m., with Brett leaving the building at about 11:30 p.m. according to reports. What everyone wants to know is what could be the topic or topics of discussion for 5 hours? As it stands now, only McCarthy and Brett know.

Brett passed his required physical yesterday and was supposed to be on the practice field today at 2 p.m. That didn't happen. Brett actually left the Packer facilities for some meetings elsewhere with Packers GM Ted Thompson, according to ESPN. Those meetings are presumably to discuss trade possibilities. Judging from what Brett is reported to have told ESPN's Chris Mortenson, he said he is at a "stalemate" with the Packers and the best thing, he said, was for them to part ways.

So, the brief joy some fans experienced when Brett returned to Green Bay appears to be short-lived. Whether Brett ever steps on the practice field again in Green Bay seems to now even be in doubt. Brett wants out. The Packers, it certainly appears, are also ready to move on. The best resolution, in the opinion of Brett, would be for an outright release. That would be the worst scenario for the Packers as then he would likely sign with the ViQueens and revel in his new-found enthusiasm to "stick it" to the Packers, as he has reportedly said. From the Packers perspective, they would be more than happy to do a trade, but not within the division. Problem is, they have had no takers for Favre's services. And why, at this point, would any team trade for Brett, other than the 'Queens, perhaps? But even they know the Packers are stuck. If Brett waits it out long enough, and the Packers get fed up enough, they could in the end just release him. And that would absolutely be one of the most boneheaded moves in NFL history.

Instead, the Packers hold his rights. If they can work a trade, at this point, it might be best for all concerned as Brett clearly has no interest at this point in playing for the Pack. He is reported to have referred to the $20 million personal services agreement that the Packers offered him as an attempt to buy him off. You know what, Brett? There's a lot of folks in this country and world who'd be more than happy to be bought off for even a fraction of that kind of coin.

But you are who you are and it isn't about the money. We get it. Your pride has been offended. And you blame the Packers for that. One day, when the heat of this moment has long passed, and you look in the mirror, perhaps you will begin to think about how you waffled for the last three or four years about whether you wanted to play or not. You put the Packers organization and fans through an ongoing soap opera. You tarnished your image among the best and most loyal fan base in pro football. You looked as much the fool in real life over this situation as you did the hero in your best playing days.

There is no joy in Mudville. Nor in Green Bay. And there will come a day when Brett -- sitting back in Kiln or Hattiesburg or wherever -- will regret the way he's going out. Packer fans are generally very forgiving of their players, true. But we also have long memories. Especially when the final bite is a bad-tasting one.

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