Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who Are the 9 Percent?

The question for the day, kids, is: who are the 9 percent of fans responding to the poll in today's online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel who disagree with yesterday's decision to cut Ahmad Carroll? Who are these people? No, wait, I know. Former GM and Carroll drafter Mike Sherman has been voting. Repeatedly! He's the only one who could possibly -- ever -- think it's a bad idea to boot Mr. Carroll. Even if the Packers do have to eat $1.8 million in salary, they still come out ahead by releasing him. How? Well, perhaps by having someone who can actually cover the deep ball in the lineup...and without holding penalties.

Anyway, at the time of this posting, here are the result of the poll.

Do you agree with the Packers' decision to cut cornerback Ahmad Carroll?
  • Yes (90.9%)
  • No (9.1%)
  • Total votes: 9,831
Go vote. Don't let ol' Mike Sherman skew the results.