Sunday, October 29, 2006

Great Story About Great Green Bay

This is just a pointer to a great article by Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Packers' reporter, Bob McGinn. Unfortunately, unless you can get a print copy of the paper or are a subscriber to the online "Packer Insider," you won't see it. Sorry.

The condensed, abridged, abbreviated, and truncated version is summed up in this quote from the article: "In today's NFL, however, tiny Green Bay is better equipped to win than either of those places (referring to Miami and Arizona), and most of the others. The advantage that gives the Packers should never be underestimated."


Packers Favored by 4

By the way, the Pack is favored by 4 points going into today's game against the Cardinals. Rumors are circulating that if the Cards don't win this game today, Coach Denny Green will be fired tomorrow. Given the long and sorry state of the Cardinals' franchise, he should be so lucky. The Packers will help show him the door today. Go toward the light, Denny, go toward the light...

An addendum: that paragon of prognistication, Michael Irvin, said on this morning's ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown that Matt Leinart will "dominate" the Packers defense. Yeah...just the way he did vs. Oakland last week. Another good call,, really, you're the told us so...