Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bye Day Bye

OK, I know that headline is a really bad take off on the song title "Day by Day"...but what the heck. No Packers game today so what's a fan to do? Watch other games? Do yard work? Read? Watch the Cowboys Cheerleaders "Making the Team" TV show? ('d that get in there? And isn't that a really...interesting...title?) Whatever you did, you had to be glad that the Saints beat the Eagles with a last second field goal. And ol' Mike Holmgren beat the Rams. And the Titans beat the Redskins for their first win of the year. The only really bad news of the day is that the Lions actually won a game.

Now if the Cardinals (that would be the football version) can actually beat Da Bearz tomorrow night...riiiiiiiiiiiight. Call me a dreamer. Hey...I said "dreamer," darnit! Come to think of it, maybe the baseball Cardinals would have a better chance at beating Da Bearz.

Oh sure, I know this week I could have written how we're down to four receivers because Robert Ferguson is out several weeks with his foot injury. Or how we might even be down to three receivers soon because of Koren Robinson's upcoming suspension (pending his appeal, of course). Or how...oh, never mind. There's a whole upcoming week to worry about that stuff before next week's game with the Fish (OK, I know technically that Dolphins aren't fish, but just go with me on this, will ya?). So until next week -- or since it's already Sunday is it already "this week"? -- just enjoy your day off. The Packers didn't lose. Nobody got hurt. And, yes, Da Bearz still suck.