Sunday, October 22, 2006

End of 3rd Quarter: Packers 20 - Fish 13

About 50 seconds into the 2nd half, Charles Woodson intercepted a tipped pass off the hands of Fish TE Randy McMichael and returned it for a TD. Yahoo! About halfway through the quarter, Brett tossed a 33-yard TD pass to Donald Driver who made a spectacular endzone catch between two defenders. The refs initially called it incomplete, thinking the ball must have hit the ground. Replays continually showed it never did. Driver came up telling his coaches to challenge the play, which they did. Result? Call on the field was reversed. Touchdown! Ditto the yahoo!

Bad news: WR Greg Jennings looks as if he is done for the day (hopefully, no longer); he has not returned since coming up gimpy late in the first half.

At the end of the quarter, looks as if the Fish have some momentum. Harrington is in one of those rare spells where he is hitting his receivers with his passes instead of the ground. Just hope the heat isn't starting to tire the Packers defense.