Sunday, October 22, 2006

Packers Win 34-24!

As I wrote earlier today: we're having a Sunday Fish fry. And so we did. The Packers beat the Dolphins 34-24 in a surprisingly entertaining game. Only so, of course, because the Packers won.

With about 13 minutes to go in the game, RB Ahman Green broke his biggest run since midway through the 2004 season, a 70-yarder for a TD. That made it 27-13.

Unfortunately, the defense gave that lead up quickly thanks to a huge pass play -- courtesy of blown open field tackling. If Charles Woodson hadn't been hustling and knocked the ball out of the receiver's hands at about the 13-yard line it would have been a touchdown. One play later, however, it was. The Fish went for a 2-point conversion and made it. Score: Pack 27, Fish 24 with about 12 minutes to go.

The Packers next drove the ball the length of the field and scored a TD on a shoestring reception in the endzone by David Martin. With about 6 minutes to go, the score had the Pack leading 34-24.

The Fish converted two 4th down plays to keep their hopes alive. Instead of going for a 4th and 2, however, they made a late decision to try a 47-yard field goal to close within 7. Kicker Olindo Mare made it with no problem. Sadly for the Fish, however, they were called for a delay of game penalty, making the next attempt a 52-yarder...which hit the left upright good!

The Pack then ran the ball three times for virtually no gain, thus giving the Fish one more scoring opportunity, just not much time left. In a prevent defense, the Pack gave up a series of pass plays of 15-20 yards each. The Dolphins got down inside the Packers 30, but no time outs and only about 6 seconds left. One last pass to the endzone was caught out of bounds by former UW Badger standout Chris Chambers (who the Packers should have drafted instead of, a-hem, Robert Ferguson).

Final score: Packers 34 - Dolphins 24.

So...would you like your fish fried or broiled? French fries or potato pancakes?


A couple pieces of trivia related to this game...

  • Ahman Green surpassed James Lofton as the Packers' leader in total yards gained.
  • The last time before today that the Packers won a game in Miami was Super Bowl II when they defeated the Oakland 1968!
  • The Packers are 2-1 on the road this season, 0-3 at home...what's wrong with this picture?