Sunday, October 08, 2006

End of Half: Rams 14 - Packers 13

The story of the 2nd quarter is a story of -- what else? -- missed opportunities for the Packers. After having first down at about the Rams' 10 yard line courtesy of some great plays and penalties on the Rams, the Packers had to settle for a field goal. In the Packers next possession, they stalled out at about the Rams' 30 yard line, setting up a 45-yard field goal attempt, which K Dave Rayner pushed wide left. The Rams eventually put together a solid drive and took advantage of some Packer penalties, with a TD resulting. The Packers then managed to sustain another positive drive before halftime, but again had to settle for a 32-yard field goal with 3 seconds left on the clock.

The Packers' defense is doing a respectable job holding down a high-power offense. The defense, however, suffered a possible loss with DL Cullen Jenkins being carted off to the locker room after walking gingerly to the sidelines, favoring his left foot. The diagnosis is a sprained ankle; his return is uncertain at this time.

But overall, so far, and as was the case against Philly, the offense is not able to finish its drives with touchdowns.

Oh, still no sign of Vernand Morency re-entering the game either.