Sunday, October 22, 2006

End of Half: Fish 10 - Pack 6

The good news is the Packers had two interceptions in the first half. The bad news is that they only were able to get two field goals out of those turnovers. I don't think I'm the only one to realize that that's not good enough, not even against the Fish. As a result, despite being given opportunities to take command of the game, the Pack finds itself behind at half. Not that they are playing badly -- although there is virtually no running game to speak of -- it's just that, for a team coming off a bye week -- they aren't playing well, either.

Some additional possible bad news: an already-depleted receiving corps may be even more so. WR Greg Jennings made a tough catch on the Packers last drive of the half and came up limping. If he can't return today, the Fish can double or triple-team Donald Driver and force the Packers to beat them with the other unproven receivers. That would, as they say, not be good.

They better get it together in the second half, convert third downs -- they were only about 2 of 8 in the first half! -- and score in the red zone. It's a simple game really. Right?

Some other trivia for you: the Packers' longest field goal in history -- 55 yards -- was erased by a defensive penalty called before the snap. Dave Rayner then made a 40-yard kick...which was then negated due to an offensive facemask penalty. By rule, because of the offensive penalty, the 4 seconds left on the clock was run out and it was the end of the half, with no re-kick allowed. So take 3 points off the board...twice! Now, for all the longtime tried-and-true Packers fans out there, I ask this question: when weird stuff like this starts happening in a game, what is the usual result? Oh, the humanity!