Sunday, October 08, 2006

End of 3rd Quarter: Rams 17 - Packers 13

Momentum seemed to turn a bit during the quarter, and not in the Packers favor. Although with under 5 minutes to go and starting inside the Packers' 50-yard line due to a line-drive punt and 32-yard return by the Rams, the Packers were able to hold the Rams to a field goal after being 1st and goal inside the 10. Kudos to a good pash rush and a third-down sack by Aaron Kampman.

One does have the same feeling at this stage of the game as was experienced last week...that is...ummmm...not good. Offense is bogging down. The defense is starting to spend more time on the field. And the Rams are getting field position, thanks to poor punt coverage and penalties. Their last drive of the quarter again began inside the Packers' 50. A sure interception by Al Harris at the 5-yard line was dropped; had he hung on to it, he probably would have had a 95-yard return for touchdown.

As appears likely, the Rams will instead score a touchdown. Figure game over at that point.