Monday, October 30, 2006

At Least We're Realistic

Still basking in the glow of yesterday's win against the Debacle from the Desert (that would be the AZ Cardinals), the online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel asked whether this two-game winning streak (the first since 2004 if memory serves correctly) would propel the Packers into the playoffs. As Nancy Kerrigan once said, "Why? Why?". Why do they have to burst that green 'n gold balloon and bring us crashing back down to reality? We may be fans, but we also are realists. OK, maybe not all the time, but at least now.

While I would like to imagine that the Pack could somehow play well enough long enough to grab a wild card spot, it doesn't seem realistic. You never know how things can unfold. But at this point...well...I'm not the only one...

At the time of this post, 80 percent of almost 700 respondents to the online poll say "No" to the question of whether the Pack will make the playoffs. Here ya go:

Now that the Packers have won two games in a row, will they ride this winning wave into the playoffs?
    No (79.6%)
    Yes (20.4%)
    Total votes: 673