Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pack vs. Falcons - 2nd Quarter Review

Second quarter highlights...with Vick out, replaced by Matt Schaub at QB. Favre still in...

Nice end around by Driver...Brett tries to block -- of course. Driver comes up big the entire quarter. Looks exceptionally quick tonight. Making great catches and runs after the catch.

Fumbled snap, but recovered. Looks like Wells may have snapped before Brett was ready.

Field goal by Rayner from 30. Pack up 10-7.

Bad kick coverage allows the Falcons good starting position out near mid-field. Pack holds. Birds kick a 51-yard field goal. Score 10-10.

Pack drives about 80 yards for a TD. Brett goes 8 for 10 on the drive, hitting Driver several times again. Touchdown pass goes off the hands of Rod Gardner at the back of the endzone...tough catch to make. Brett comes back and hits a wide open Najeh Davenport for a TD. Pack up 17-10 at 2-minute warning. Favre comes off field looking totally jazzed. This is why he plays -- doesn't matter if it's preseason or not.

Falcons possession. Pressure from KGB, pass intercepted by Jason Horton who returns it 44 yards for a touchdown. Packers up 24-10 with under a minute to go till halftime. Sweet!

Prevent defense lets the Birds get a big pass play out to mid-field, but nothing comes of it.

Pack looks much more aggressive on both sides of the ball this half compared to a week ago. Coach McCarthy played mainly the starters the entire first half. He wanted to see a better effort this week, and he got it.

Another observation: nice to see kickoffs go to or into the endzone instead of to the 10 or 15 yard line as in prior years.