Monday, August 28, 2006

Pack vs. Bengals - Halftime Thoughts

In no particular order...

  • Someone make the bad man stop!
  • I'm thinking of my happy place!
  • Woodson missed tackles and got beat repeatedly.
  • Is it just me or does every time the Packers start off with an early and goofy turnover mean the team enters the bizarro world? Doesn't matter who the players are, or who the coach is, or even what decade it is...early goofy turnover = bizarro world and a game that goes downhill faster than a certain sitting president's approval ratings. Never fails.
  • I like Tony Kornheiser, especially on Pardon the Interruption. But his comment on Monday Night Football's broadcast about Favre in the first half that "This may be the worst start ever for a quarterback" is a bit...oh...over the top, shall we say. Others might use different adjectives, perhaps even really colorful ones, in responding to that comment. "Ever"? Tony...please. You don't look comfortable with your new broadcast buddies and the stress might be making you get off to the worst start ever for a broadcaster. Really.
  • The Pack looked flat on both sides of the ball. This first half was a reprise of the San Diego game. There were a number of personnel questions going into this game. The first half didn't resolve any of them. The question now is what kind of fire Coach McCarthy can light under this team for the second half. least Palmer's out for the second half. The bad man has stopped...maybe it will be a happy place!