Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Colledge Sent Back to School

Starting left guard, Daryn Colledge, was sent back to school...well, lineman school I guess you could say. After a poor performance Saturday night in San Diego (although that statement can be applied to the entire offensive line, as well), the Packers decided that Colledge was not up to the challenge right now of being a starting guard in the NFL. Granted, he is trying to make the transition from his tackle position at Boise State to guard with the Packers, but you still have to be up to speed. Coaches have decided instead to move the other starting rookie guard, Jason Spitz, to left guard and try yet another rookie trying to make a big transition, fifth-round draft choice Tony Moll, at right guard. Now, keep in mind that Moll is a former college tight end who is making the conversion to right tackle. Sounds problematic. Except for the fact that the coaches apparently felt Moll was the most physical of the lineman who played Saturday night. And he has had a good camp, according to reports. Not long ago he was labeled a project at right tackle who might not even play this year. But maybe things are different at guard.

Whether Moll holds up or Colledge eventually makes the grade only time will tell. For now, it is a work in progress. This is obviously a coaching staff, though, unlike the prior regime, that is willing to make changes quickly when they need to be made. That is in itself a positive sign.