Monday, August 14, 2006

Big Trouble Ahead, Packer Fans Say

After just the first pre-season game, nearly 60 percent of fans responding to an online poll in today's Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel, believe there is "big trouble ahead" for the Pack. Yikes! Folks haven't been jumping off the bandwagon this early since Lindy Infante's last year as coach.

Chill, people! Yes, the team looked flat, and was overmatched and outplayed by the Bolts Saturday night. The rookies in the line -- as well as the vets -- knew they were not in sync. It's a new blocking scheme, and only Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher are the seasoned veterans on that line...and even Tauscher admitted that perhaps players were thinking too much rather than just playing. They have four more weeks to gel. And there can be little doubt that Packer coaches will do whatever it takes to protect ol' #4.

The worry, other than two rookies starting at the guards slots, is depth. The losses of Kevin Barry and Adrian Klemm for the season already limit the options the coaches have to work with. O-line is not where you want to have problems at any time, let alone at a time when you must protect Brett Favre and open holes for the runners in order for the West Coast offense of Coach Mike McCarthy to work as designed.

The defense will be OK. The parts are there. They'll hold their own, despite not looking like it on Saturday night.

So, right now...let's wait to see, OK?

Here were the poll results at the time of this posting:
What's your take on the Packers' exhibition opener?
Big trouble ahead (59.7%)
Too early to worry (32.5%)
Didn't bother watching a meaningless game (7.8%)
Total votes: 1,724

(By the way, if you couldn't gather, my vote was for "too early to tell" in the poll.)