Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Boerigter Out, Brewster In

The Packers announced yesterday they had released veteran receiver and free agent pick up Marc Boerigter. He had only caught one or two passes in pre-season games. That reflects perhaps both Brett Favre's confidence (or lack thereof) in him as well as that of the coaches. Coach McCarthy perhaps summed it up best when asked about the release. He said that the Packers had a lot of young receivers they wanted to look at in terms of their upside potential and that to be fair to the veteran, Boerigter, they just felt it best to release him now so he might have a chance to catch on with another team before the start of the regular season. Once again, this coach doesn't delay in making decisions.

While they already have a number of young and potentially productive receivers on the roster, the Pack decided to add another, and to exchange a cornerback to get him. The Pack traded CB Therrian Fontenot to Cleveland for un-drafted rookie WR Carlton Brewster out of Division II Ferris State. In looking at his profile, seems that he has an excellent athletic history. He was not only a standout receiver at Ferris State but also performed well as a kick and punt returner. Perhaps that is where the Pack will try to have him make the team while they find out more about his receiving capabilities. Or perhaps Brewster will be someone they tuck away on the practice squad for the future. This one...'tis a puzzlement.