Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pack vs. Falcons: 3rd Quarter Review

An ugly quarter. No scoring.

Falcons get the first possession. Hawk had a roughing the passer penalty on third down. Carroll got a sack on third down! Birds punt.

Pack starts from the 5-yard line. Favre scrambles on a pass play and gets the ball away but also gets tackled around the ankles in the endzone. Gets up a bit gimpy on his left ankle. Not what you want to see. Brett has to scramble again and almost gets sacked for a safety. Pack has to punt. Ryan bobbles the snap but does get the punt off...for 32 yards, plus another 5 yards for illegal man downfield penalty. Birds start at the GB 35-yard line.

Pack stands firm, and the Birds get a panelty which moves them back to the point they have to punt. A personal foul penalty on the Pack, though, means half the distance to the goal line. Pack starts at the 10-yard line, with Rodgers in at QB. Rodgers scrambles for a first down, but also takes a sack.

A sideline shot showed Chad Clifton getting both knees wrapped with ice...just a precautionary thing...I hope.

Bottom line: ugly, no scoring...what I said...