Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pack vs. Falcons: 4th Quarter and Game Review

The fat lineman has sung!

Packers win 38-10 in a great rebound game.

Fourth quarter began with a fumble by Rodgers on a scramble. Looked like he was faking a throw and lost his grip and the ball. Prior to that he had had a nice pass to Jennings. Birds didn't get any points off the turnover. Montgomery had a sack in that defensive stand.

Packers ball...a tipped pass at the line finds its way to Jennings crossing over the middle, who promptly takes it 85 yards for a TD and a Lambeau Leap! Score 31-10 Packers.

Todd Williams, a lineman signed to help fill the injury-riddled offensive line now adds himself to the list, having to be carted off the field. Had hands over his face for a while, then gives a thumbs up. Brave, but probably not good by the looks of it.

Falcons have the ball after the kickoff. Rookie defensive lineman Johnny Jolly -- don't ya just love that name?! -- tips a pass at the line and intercepts it at the 13.

Packers ball. Vonta Leach drops a wide open touchdown pass...a problem for him carried over from last year. Pack gets a break on an incomplete 3rd down play as the Birds are flagged for slamming QB Rodgers to the ground. First & goal from the 5! RB Arliss Beach takes the ball to the 1. Beach was the leading Packers rusher, with about 50 yards rushing. Can't run it in, so Rodgers tosses to rookie TE Zac Alcorn. Score 38-10.

That's where the game ends. Packers 38, Falcons 10. A very good showing overall, despite a fairly ugly 3rd quarter. The Pack had three take-aways, from which they generated 17 points. Not bad at all.

If you saw the game you saw a much more physical style of play than last week. The offensive line for the most part held its own. Looks as if the new starting guard tandem of Spitz and Moll did the trick. At least this week.

Overall, Packer fans have to be pleased with tonight's performance. All those folks who were jumping off the bandwagon last week...time to think about getting back aboard.