Sunday, August 13, 2006

OK...Well There's Always Next Week

So-o-o-o-o-o-o...the first game of the Mike McCarthy era...not so good.

The team was the football version of the old Saturday Night Live "Not Ready for Primetime Players" in losing to the San Diego Bolts 17-3 last night. Offense not ready. Biggest problem was PROTECTING THE QUARTERBACK! Sorry, got carried away there...which is what is also going to happen to Favre if that O-line doesn't get it together before the start of the regular season. As today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel recap states: "On Favre's seven dropbacks in the first quarter, two ended in sacks, three in knockdowns and one on a hurried incompletion due to the rush. Favre's quick 7-yard completion to Donald Driver was the only attempt in which pressure wasn't an issue." It is not going to do much for McCarthy's West Coast offensive strategy if he has to keep two tight ends in to help block on every play.

Defense was also iffy. Didn't come out ready to play, allowing long drives on several occasions for scores. Plus, the Pack perhaps lost temporary starting safety, Marviel Underwood -- who by all accounts was having a good camp -- to a knee injury. Kendrick Allen also came out with an undisclosed side injury.

So...well...there's always another game. Which is a good thing. The team can only get better...and it needs to.