Saturday, January 02, 2010

Packers to play next Saturday?

According to an article in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, it seems as if the Packers coaching staff is preparing for the prospects of playing their wildcard playoff game next Saturday rather than Sunday. Head coach Mike McCarthy is quoted as saying, "Yes, I think we have a high probability of playing on Saturday."

As the article notes, "One NFC and one AFC game will be played next Saturday, and one NFC and one AFC game will be played next Sunday. Kickoff times are 3:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Jan. 9, noon and 3:30 p.m. on Jan. 10.

"As best the Packers can determine, they probably will be playing the late game next Saturday if not next Sunday. Dates and times will be announced Sunday night."

As this same article also notes, going into play tomorrow the Packers have 8 playoff scenarios, 6 of which have them playing the Cardinals. The Pack has one scenario under which they would play the Cowboys and one under which they would play the ViQueens. So, as much as many fans would love to see the Packers play Ol' #4 one more time in the Humpty Dump, the odds don't favor it.

You can read more on the playoffs and related bits and pieces here.

How much do we need Tauscher? Let us count the ways.

There's another great article in the same issue of the Journal-Sentinel about beloved veteran right tackle Mark Tauscher. Compares Tauscher to former tackle Bruce Wilkerson who was signed late in the Packers' season which saw them go on to win the 1996 Super Bowl. The story is about how Wilkerson, then also aged 32 (as is Tauscher) and near the end of his career, went down in Packers' lore because of his role in helping the team get to and win the big one. Certainly, Tauscher's legacy is already well established as his entire career has been spent with the Pack. He's a lock for the Packers Hall of Fame. But closing out one's career with a Super Bowl win? Sweet! And why not?

Anyway, another great article by Bob McGinn of the Journal-Sentinel. Check it out here.

Check back tomorrow for the preview of the Packers vs. Cardinals game.