Monday, January 18, 2010

Conference championships set

There was only one playoff upset this weekend: the Jets beat favored San Diego after the Chargers' kicker did his best Mason Crosby imitation and missed three field goals. Ouch. What a way to lose. But, Charger fans, if it's any consolation -- and it really isn't, is it? -- we can relate.

The Colts - Ravens game was more or less a snoozefest. The Saints dismantled the Cardinals in a way we had hoped the Packers would have done the week before, getting to Kurt Warner and forcing the Cards into turnovers, etc. And last, and least, the ViQueens put the hurt on the Cowboys. Ol' #4 tossed 4 TD passes, a record for him in playoff games, and looked very good. Not making bonehead plays or trying to force things...gee, where was this guy two years ago in that NFC Championship game against the Giants???

Anyway, the Jets go to Indianapolis and will likely get beat. That will end coach Rex Ryan's time on center stage for this season, thank goodness.

The 'Queens go to N'awlins to meet the Saints. The 'Queens' defense looked very good yesterday. They have the edge in that regard over the Saints. And you have two potent offenses going at it. But the dome edge now shifts to the Saints. And the fans there can be just as nuts as the ones in the Humpty Dump.

Yes, it's nice to see Ol' #4 play well. But as long as he's in that funky purple uniform, we just don't want him to win because as every good Packer fan knows, we don't want the 'Queens to win. So...go Saints!

Yep, fined for helmt-to-helmet hit...just no penalty flag
For those who haven't heard, or who have tried to block out the Packers' OT loss to the Cardinals via electro-shock or other therapies, the NFL on Friday fined Arizona defensive end Bertrand Berry for the helmet-to-helmet hit on QB Aaron Rodgers on the second play of overtime. He's $5,000 lighter in the wallet for the hit. Big whoop.

But, as everyone remembers, there was no penalty flag thrown on that play. Instead, LG Daryn Colledge was called for holding. They see that and yet nobody sees the defender launching himself with his helmet right to the head of Rodgers. Even booth announcer Troy Aikman said the refs missed that one.

For those who don't recall the helmet-to-helmet hit, have a look:

This would have been a huge call in that game. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Greg Beddard explains how this penalty would have changed the overtime situation here.

While this could have made a big change in the game, in the Packers' season, it shouldn't have come down to a ref's call. That's the sad part of it all.