Sunday, January 24, 2010

Packer fans' wishes come true: ViQueens lose to Saints

As noted here previously, the overwhelming consensus among Packer fans was that the most desired scenario for today's NFC Championship game was for Ol' #4 and the ViQueens to lose today. Get it over and done with so we don't have to deal with the funky purple and Favre for another couple weeks.

And so it is. The Saints just defeated the 'Queens in overtime, 31-28.

We can thank the many voodoo dolls which made their way into the hands of Packer fans. We can thank the wretched funeral dirge "Purple and Gold" theme song that Prince penned for his favorite team and which almost guaranteed defeat. Heck, any team which claimed this song as one of its own deserved to lose.

And we can also thank Ol' #4 himself. Because with a win in reach in the closing seconds of regulation, with his team in field goal range for another old Green Bay Packer, Ryan Longwell, Brett did what he always does in critical situations: forced a throw. On 3rd down, instead of just running with the ball for a few extra yards and leaving Longwell with a chip shot, Favre ran to the right and then threw left back into the middle. Ka-ching...interception...overtime...and a 40-yard field goal to win the game for the Saints.

Just as his last throw as a Packer was an interception in the NFC Championship, this may well be Favre's last throw as a ViQueen -- a final interception leading to the opponent's win in the NFC Championship. Yes, it might even be his last throw as a pro.

As several callers were saying today on sports talk radio, if Favre had still been quarterbacking the Jets against the Colts today, many fans would still have been rooting for him. But the fact that he was with the 'Queens made that an impossibility for all true Packer fans.

So, with Brett now at age 40 and his best shot at returning to the Super Bowl gone in the flick of a patented forced throw from his own hand, what will he do? Retire...again...from his third team in 3 years? Or will he still want it so badly that he'll want to wear that funky purple one more year?

While there's little doubt the man can still play, Favre took a pounding today. The looks of concern on the face of his lovely wife, Deanna, might finally start to take precedence over his own ego.

Brett...we love ya man...and we hope you retire. You've given the game everything you can give. Now go ride your lawnmower back in Mississippi and enjoy your family and fortune.

Then come back to Green Bay -- where you belong -- in a year or two and have your number retired and bask in the glow of the Green 'n' Gold.

For the ViQueens and their fans, hey, think of today's loss this way: at least you now won't be 0-5 in the Super Bowl.

And for the Saints...Who Dat?! Hope you win it all.