Sunday, January 10, 2010

End of 3rd quarter: Packers 24 - Cardinals 38

The Packers did what they needed to in the 3rd quarter: get back in the game...kinda.

While the quarter started and ended more or less much as the first half had gone, that is with the Cardinals driving the length of the field after the opening kickoff for a TD on a pass from QB Kurt Warner to WR Larry Fitzgerald, and then the defense once again being unable to stop the Cardinals' offense, the Pack was able to keep within 2 scores going into the final quarter.

In between the Packers had a great scoring drive capped off by a remarkable one-handed catch by Greg Jennings to pull the score from a 21-point lead to 14. Coach Mike McCarthy called an onside kick which was executed to perfection and recovered by rookie Brandon Underwood. The Packers put together a drive and got within 7 points after an 11-yard TD pass from Aaron Rodgers to WR Jordy Nelson.

Once again, though, the Packers' defense was as porous as they were during the Pittsburgh game and allowed the Cardinals to march down the field. Larry Fitzgerald clearly pushed off of Charles Woodson in the endzone but it was not called. TD Cardinals to go back up by 14.

As the quarter was winding down, the Packers once again had a drive going. But with the defense's inability to stop the Cardinals, prospects for the 4th quarter do not look good. Barring a turnover by the Cardinals or the Packers' defense finally stopping the Cards, the Pack will be home next weekend instead of visiting N'awlins.