Friday, January 22, 2010

NFC Championship wish list for Packer fans

There's an interesting poll taking place today at the online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Probably a few other places, as well. Basically, the question being asked is this: "Which scenario would you like to see play out for Brett Favre and the Vikings?" Options include: Vikings lose to Saints in NFC Championship, Vikings win NFC Championship then lose to Colts in the Super Bowl, Vikings win NFC Championship then lose to Jets in the Super Bowl, Vikings beat Colts in Super Bowl, or Vikings beat Jets in Super Bowl.

Now, if you are a Packer fan, is there really any question about your wish list? About which one of those five responses the majority of fans want to see play out? Nope. With more than 3,200 persons voting as of the time of this posting, 61% indicate that they want the ViQueens to lose to the Saints in the NFC Championship. Sounds about right.

Vote for Clay Matthews for Rookie of the Year
Packers' standout rookie LB Clay Matthews is one of five finalists for the NFL Rookie of the Year Award. Fans can vote here now until 6 p.m. ET on Feb. 2. The winner will be announced on Feb. 4. Vote early and -- as they would do in Chicago -- vote often.

Schneider off to Seattle as GM
It was no surprise when Packers director of football operations, John Schneider, was hired this week as Seattle's new General Manager. Schneider was a key member of the Packers' personnel staff. Rumor had it for quite a while that he was the leading candidate for the Seattle job. Given that the Seahawks had already hired Pete Carroll as their new coach, it's not clear how much authority Schneider will have. But that's Seattle's problem, not the Packers'. We can only wish him well in his new gig.

Packers boost tix prices
The Packers announced today that, for the first time since 2007, they are increasing ticket prices. The average increase is $9, with the range being $8 to $11 depending upon the section. Season end-zone seats will now run $67 (that's each, kids, not entire season...a-duh!) with the highest-priced tickets (excluding luxury box stuff) between the 20-yard lines costing $83. You can read more here.