Saturday, January 23, 2010

Prince pens funeral dirge for ViQueens

No doubt you've heard clips by now. Or heard the guys on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption rip it to shreds. Or seen articles with the lyrics. Yes, we're talking about the new theme song, "Purple and Gold," that the Artist Formerly Known as Whatever, the diminutive Purple Rain man himself, Prince, penned for his hometown team and released this week. It's a beauty.

Given that the overwhelming consensus among Packer fans on call-in shows, online polls, blogs, etc. is that they want the ViQueens to lose tomorrow in N'awlins, it seems only fitting that this horrible tune comes out just prior to the game.

Guess all those voodoo dolls ordered up by Packer fans finally kicked in at the right time. The curse starts with "Purple and Gold" and ends with the 'Queens going down in N'awlins...wait...that could have an entirely different meaning than intended...allow me to rephrase: it ends with the ViQueens losing to the Saints.

And if you are really masochistic enough to want to hear a bit of this song and read the lyrics, you can do both here. Have a bucket ready. Yikes.