Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Poll: how many games will the Pack win down the stretch?

At the three-quarters mark of the 2008 season, and with the Packers sitting in third place (shudder!) in the NFC North with a 5-7 record, it might be of interest to see how many folks out there -- or at least those who care to voice an opinion -- think the Pack will win out...or not.

So, for any readers who care to participate, check out the poll in the righthand column underneath the link for our PackerFansUnited.com store (which, in the interest of a shameful plug, you will really want to visit to get some great gifts for family and friends for Christmas!). We'll keep the poll open until game time on Sunday.

Do you think the Pack will run the table and come up with a 9-7 final record? Or will it be something else? How many more games will the Packers win? Coming up are games against the Texans (at Lambeau), the Jaguars (away), Da Bearz (away), and the Lions (at Lambeau).

What say you? Vote today!

Breaking News: 2 ViQueens Suspended!
Well now here's a piece of breaking news that just might affect Minnesota's ability to hang on to it's #1 spot in the NFC North. Defensive linemen Kevin and Pat Williams (not related, as you know) were part of the six players suspended by the NFL today for four games -- that's the rest of the season, folks -- without pay for violating the league’s anti-doping policy. They were suspended for using a diuretic, which can serve as a masking agent for steroids. It's likely that there might be legal maneuvering of some kind to try to delay the suspensions.

But if the Williams' are done for the season, it would hit the ViQueens' defense hard and perhaps put their division lead in jeopardy as they head down the home stretch of this season. The 'Queens schedule winds up with the next two games on the road at Detroit and Arizona followed by their last two games at home against Atlanta and the NY Giants. According to an article in The Sporting News carried by Yahoo Sports, "The schedule was tough enough with the Williamses in the lineup. A 3-1 December likely would be good enough to win the weak NFC North, but the Vikings, based on the matchups, are now more likely to go 1-3."

As Seinfeld might say, "That's a shame."

As that same article also states, "What does that mean? It’s now a good bet the Bears-Packers game at Soldier Field in Week 16 will decide the division. Green Bay is the biggest beneficiary of the Vikings’ suspensions, because of all the teams in the NFC North, it has the best chance of running the table."

It ain't over yet, Packer fans. Not yet.