Monday, December 29, 2008

NY media blasts Brett

Ya ever wonder if Ol' #4 ever regrets his decision not to stay in Green Bay? Or to just take the $20 million on the table the Packers offered to make appearances once in a while?

While Wisconsin media could be critical, it was never brutal. Brett, you ain't in Wisconsin any more.

Welcome to New York media's parting shots. Beginning with Bob Glauber of Newsday: "...he (Favre) provided more proof that he is finished as an NFL quarterback. With one touchdown pass, three interceptions, a 45.1 rating and a damaged throwing shoulder, Favre had only two TDs and nine INTs in his last five games. After getting to 8-3 with impressive road wins over New England and Tennessee, Favre lost four of them, and was fortunate that he didn't lose all five." Glauber adds, "He's (Favre's) done, people. Finished. Had the Jets had any foresight, they'd have concluded the same thing before trading for him in August instead of wishing upon a star and pulling the trigger on a deal that left Pennington free as a bird and bound for Miami."

As they say in the commercials, but wait...there's more: "Favre said he'll take the next few weeks to decide whether he wants to come back next season. But what's to decide? He is 39 years old, has a bum shoulder and ended just like the aging quarterbacks before him...for three of the last four seasons, he has been a descending player, and this year, he bottomed out. Given Favre's 22 touchdown passes, his NFL-worst 22 interceptions and his aching shoulder that could very well require surgery, it is time for the Jets to move on."

In the New York Daily News, Ohm Youngmisuk, writes: "Unfortunately for Favre and the Jets, what started out as a marriage made in heaven in August ended in heartbreak and bitter disappointment. Favre threw three costly interceptions, hurt his ailing arm even more and was outplayed by Chad Pennington in a 24-17 loss to the new AFC East champion Miami Dolphins Sunday."

Brian Costello of the New York Post, says: "The (Jets) season was lost on the suddenly ancient arm of Brett Favre...". There's still more, of course: "The 39-year-old was intercepted three times, bringing his season total to 22. After the second, an inexplicable screen pass that defensive end Philip Merling returned 25 yards for a touchdown, Favre looked hurt. He moved his arm in a circle, trying to drain some final drops of magic out of that right arm. Jets fans booed him as he returned to the field, an ugly end to the trade that seemed like a dream fit that August night in Cleveland. Favre's time with the Jets seems destined to end in an MRI tube today, instead of holding the Lombardi Trophy in a month like so many fans dreamed. His finale was a dud. Favre finished with a quarterback rating of 45.1, completing 20 of 40 for 233 yards and one touchdown to go with the three picks."

Yet, in post-game interviews yesterday, Brett said he didn't know if he was going to retire yet. Depended on the results of the MRI he was having today. He still is telling the media -- and trying to convince himself -- that he didn't regret going to New York this season because they "wanted" him. In the Daily News article, Favre says, "I felt like I was wanted. When I look back at it, whether I play or not, I can honestly say that I'm glad I made the decision to come here and play."

Really, Brett? Really???

You had the chance to go out at near the top of your game, in the NFC Championship Game, loved by millions of Packer fans and other admirers all over the country. Instead, because of a clash of egos, you wanted to prove something. You wanted to prove that you could still work the magic and carry a team on your arm. To your credit, it wasn't about the money as it is with so many professional athletes. It was about pride. Which is fine, to a point. But what's that saying? With pride comes the fall. You fell hard this season, hurting both your reputation and probably your shoulder in the process.

You should have retired as a Packer last year, Brett. And deep down, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself or others that you're glad you made the decision to go to New York, you know you should have retired. Some of that august New York media corps knew that then. But now, they are all saying it.

Sure, you'll be in the Hall of Fame soon, the NFL and Packer versions. Your jersey will be retired as a Packer and your name will no doubt go up with the other legends inside Lambeau Field. All as should happen. But there's a bit of a tarnish on things that didn't need to be there.

It's a shame. You didn't need to go out this way. You didn't need to go out in New York where now they can't wait for you to leave.