Sunday, December 14, 2008

Halftime: Packers 13 - Jaguars 7

The Jags took the opening kick off and marched downfield for a touchdown. 7-0, Jags. The Packers then put together their own answer in the form of a field goal, set up on a long 46-yard pass from Aaron Rodgers to James Jones. The Pack eventually had first and goal from about the 9-yard line. Three plays later...nope, no TD...a field goal. Pack 3 - Jags 7.

The Pack got their only TD of the half on a short pass from Rodgers to Greg Jennings. 10-7 Packers. James Jones came up big again on another long sideline pass late in the second quarter, this one a 40-yarder. The Pack soon got another first and goal, this from the 10-yard line. Once again, they had to settle for a field goal. On third down from the 5, after a timeout by the Jags, rookie TE Jermichael Finley seemed to be totally confused as where to line up. The play call was seemingly a forward pitch to Donald Lee which got stuffed at the line. A very odd play call. And with all the confusion and the play clock winding down -- and 2 timeouts left in his pocket -- Coach McCarthy, or Rodgers, should have called a timeout to get things straight. Two trips inside the 10 with first and goal and only 6 points to show for it? Not acceptable. This is how you set yourself up to lose late in the game. The Pack could and should be up 21-7. Instead, the Jags can take the lead with one TD. They're still in the game, and the Packers are keeping them there.

The Packers defense is surprisingly holding up against the run for the most part -- at least in terms of not yet giving up the big play. They have had virtually no pressure on Jags QB David Garrard throughout the half, though. Still, no further points...which is also partially due to the Jags kicker bouncing off a 51-yard field goal attempt on the left upright.

Anyway, the Pack should win this game. But it will be closer -- is already closer -- than it should be.