Sunday, December 07, 2008

Packers are toast - Final: Packers 21 - Texans 24

As the Packers radio broadcasters noted during their telecast of this game, so many times this season the game has come down to the Packers defense needing to make a stop late in the 4th quarter. And, just as has happened in each of those instances, the defense has failed to do so.

Getting the ball at their own 3 yard line with less than 2 minutes to go, the Texans proceeded to go 75 yards on 9 plays to take the ball down to the Packers' 22 yard line. With 4 seconds to go, the Texans' kicker puts it through the uprights from 40 yards out to win the game for Houston, 24-21.

Not much more to be said than this: season over. The Pack falls to 5-8.

After obliterating Da Bearz, the Pack has lost 3 in a row, including 2 at home.

In a game they had to have, they did what they have done all season. Which is not much. It was uninspired play for most of the game. When you get 4 turnovers from your opponent you're supposed to win the game. Yes, the Pack scored 21 points off those turnovers. But somehow -- against a warm weather team coming into your own house -- it wasn't enough.

The Packers' have had 2 Achilles heals all season long: not being able to stop the big play, and not being able to get the big stop when needed.

Better start looking at possible draft picks from now on, fans. The best the Pack can do is 8-8. And it is seriously in question at this point whether that is even possible.

Sad. Very sad. I hate to say I said so...but this game had "Uh-oh" written all over it from the start. And that's what happened.