Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Packers schedule

There aren't many perks when you go from a 13-3 team to 6-10 in the span of a year. One, however, is the schedule. The 2009 schedule, at least on paper, is much easier than the one the Packers had to navigate this season.

For starters, of course, there's the home and away games against the NFC North Division opponents: the ViQueens, Da Bearz, and the lowly Lions.

Other home games will be versus Dallas (9-7), Baltimore (11-5), Cincinnati (4-11-1), San Francisco (9-7) and Seattle (4-12). Away, the Packers will play Tampa Bay (9-7), Pittsburgh (12-4), Cleveland (4-12), Arizona (9-7) and St. Louis (2-14).

These upcoming opponents have a composite record of 109-146-1 this season for a winning percentage of .428. Contrast those numbers with the opponents we played this year: a composite record of 129-127 for a winning percentage of .504.

So, looking ahead should be a source of optimism. It always is this time of year...especially when we just want to put this past season behind us.

Draft picks
One of the other perks of a mediocre record, of course, is a high draft pick. Based on the final season standings, the Packers will have the #9 overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. The last time we had a single digit pick was a few years back at #5 when Ted Thompson selected LB A. J. Hawk. Based on Thompson's well-known tendencies, he could very well trade that pick to acquire more picks later on. On the other hand, if there is a player there that he feels could make an immediate impact, Thompson could very well find himself with a quality defensive lineman...which is certainly something the Packers are in dire need of for next season.

Take a look at's mock draft to see what they come up with (for some reason they have the Pack at #8 instead of #9...but take a look around and you'll get the scoop on some got possibilities for the D-line.

Yes, it's early. But what the heck else have we got to do between now and mid-April?

Oh, by the way, by virtue of the fact that the Jets missed the playoffs, the Packers will get a 3rd round pick as part of the payoff for the Favre trade.