Sunday, December 28, 2008

End of 3rd quarter: Packers 14 - Lions 14...Yikes!

As noted in my halftime post, the Pack had been doing just enough to keep Detroit in the game. The Pack, I said, was one play away from having Detroit right back in it. And that's what happened early in the 3rd quarter. Following a punt that was fair caught at the 10-yard line, Ryan Grant fumbled at about that same spot when he was upended by the tackler. A few plays later, Calvin Johnson carried the ball into the endzone after a short pass reception to tie the game at 14 each.

There ya go, Packer fans. That's so emblematic of the season.

But to be fair, the Lions certainly didn't mail this one in. In fact, they seem to be playing with a lot more energy and enthusiasm than the Packers.

The Packers had a big pass play to Greg Jennings go for naught when the offense again stalled out. They went for it on 4th down and again failed to convert.

Later in the quarter, Grant broke a big run, was tackled but got up and continued running to the endzone. After a conference by the refs, they said he had scored a TD as he was never down. Detroit immediately challenged the call. One replay angle seemed to show that at least part of Grant's backside was indeed on the ground. And that's what the decision finally was. It wiped out an 80-yard TD run and put the ball back at the Packs'41-yard line. It's the way it's gone, Packer fans. Interestingly, it was the first opponent's challenge that was won all season. Dang.

The Lions have the momentum. And if the last five losing games for the Packers are any indicator...well...let's hope there is some bit of Packer pride left on this team and they figure out a way to beat these pesky Lions. The Lions had said this was their Super Bowl. And they are playing like it, to their credit.

The quarter ended with the Packers driving deep into Lions' territory.