Monday, December 22, 2008

Halftime: Packers 14 - Da Bearz 3

The Packers dominated the first half of tonight's game, holding the ball for nearly 20 minutes, and generating 221 total yards of offense compared to Da Bearz 48 total yards. And doing it not through the run, as originally thought, but through the air. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has been very sharp. Yes, Rodgers had an interception on a batted ball at the line of scrimmage. But other than that, he really looks on.

The first quarter went by without a score by either team. In the second quarter, starting from about their own 10 yard line, the Pack drove the length of the field and scored on a laser-like TD pass from Rodgers to Greg Jennings. The key play, though, was a fake punt by the Pack to keep the drive alive. Backup QB Matt Flynn was slotted as the up man and he took the snap directly and ran for the first down.

However, as has happened so many times this season, the special teams unit once again allowed Da Bearz right back in the game on the ensuing kickoff following the TD. They proceeded to give up a 70+ yard kickoff return. The defense, fortunately, was able to hold Da Bearz to just a field goal. How many times has it happened? The Packers go up in a game, get momentum, and the special teams unit gives it right back.

But not for long.

The Pack put together another strong drive. And with about a minute left in the half, the Pack got their second TD on a screen pass to Grant, who took it 20 yards, running over a defensive back in the process.

On Da Bearz final possession of the half, Nick Collins had an interception thrown right to him that he couldn't handle. The Pack would have had the ball at about mid-field. As it was, the defense held and got the ball back one last time at about their own 16-yard line. Rodgers took a knee and the half ended to the boos of Da Bearz' fans for their team. No sweeter sound!

The downside to the half was Donald Driver being assisted off the field, not putting any weight on his left leg, after just missing a great reception on a long pass play. Didn't look good.

Gotta give it to Rodgers and his receivers, though. They are so far catching the ball without any problems. And that's with a -12 degree wind chill. Ryan Grant is also starting to make some good runs. Maybe it's use the pass to set up the run tonight? Either way, the offensive line is holding up for the most part against Da Bearz defense. And the defense is holding up, too, so far. If they can handle both for another half...who knows what might happen?

Go Pack Go!!!