Friday, October 26, 2007

Shocking! Harrell may not play due to injury!

Packers GM Ted Thompson's first round 2007 draft pick, Justin Harrell, is -- surprise -- hurt...again. The number 16 pick in the draft, the oft-injured college defensive lineman, the player selected at a position where the Packers had an abundance of players already while running back was a glaring need, yes, Justin Harrell could be a candidate for injured reserve.

Inactive for the first four games of the season, and playing a grand total of 8 snaps versus Da Bearz and 12 plays against Washington, Harrell will miss at least a couple if anyone would notice. According to head coach Mike McCarthy, "He had an offensive lineman roll up on the back of his legs (in Tuesday's practice). He may be out a couple of weeks." The injury is described as a serious ankle sprain. Depending upon how serious it is, it's not inconceivable that the Pack might place Harrell on IR in order to make the roster spot available for Koren Robinson when his roster exemption expires in a week or so.

It is, of course, sad that this young man has had and continues to have so many injury problems. It is the reason that no one expected him to be a first round draft pick...except for Ted Thompson, obviously. Maybe he'll eventually come around and be another body on the D-line that can be rotated in and out. But to have wasted the #16 pick on a player such as this is something which is not only apparent this year, but will be for years ahead in terms of missed opportunities and impact...especially where we needed it most: running back!