Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Pack gave it away...literally. Pack 20 - Da Bearz 27

As my pre-game post indicated, the only way the Packers would lose this game would be if they gave the ball away. And they did. Five times. Two fumbles on consecutive series in the first half by rookie receiver James Jones which halted likely touchdown drives, an ill-advised and forced pass by Brett resulting in an interception deep in the Pack's own territory, a fumble on a punt return by usually sure-handed Charles Woodson, and a final last-second Hail Mary interception in the endzone. You saw glimpses of this sloppy play last week, but the ball bounced the Pack's way. Tonight, it bounced the other way.

When a team turns the ball over that many times they normally lose. They deserve to lose. Oh sure, the Pack got one back on a tipped pass. But five turnovers? The Pack should have had this one going away. Instead, the Pack gave it away.

Penalties and bad field position, along with conservative play calling in the second half as a result of both of those situations, dried up a potent offense and kept Da Bearz in the game long enough for them to throw a game-winning TD pass with just over 2 minutes to go.

A sickening loss. As they usually are against Da Bearz.