Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Calling number 74,659...number 74,659"

74,659. That would be approximately your number in the waiting line if you had placed your name on the Packers season ticket list a couple days ago. Some folks who put their names on the list for tickets in 1970 -- 1970! -- finally got their tickets this year. Of course, something like a zillion (roughly) consecutive sellouts at Lambeau Field -- with no single game ticket sales mind you -- tends to make the wait for those precious seats on the benches a long one (yes, folks, Lambeau doesn't have individual seats, just numbers on aluminum benches...which, when everyone looks like the Michelin Man in the midst of winter, makes for some interesting seating indeed). This is, as the experts would say, an indication of a rabid fan base. Ya think?

Anyway, there is a great article about Packers season ticket holders at Rick Reilly's column on Be sure to check it out.

Happy Birthday Brett!

OK, it's a day late and several million dollars short of his usual pay scale, but we didn't want to let Brett's birthday (Oct. 10) pass without extending a sincere Happy Birthday wish to Brett Lorenzo Favre on the occasion of his 38th b-day. Apparently, not even many of his teammates knew, according to some locker room interviews. So, if you didn't remember, you could actually consider yourself a member of the least in that regard.