Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It wasn't a dream

That's right boys and girls, the magical Packers led by their grand old wizard, Favre the Incomparable, beat back a herd of Broncos last night in the starry Mile High City. It really, really happened!

This was the first time ever that the fabled Pack won a regular season game in six tries at Denver. Why, they hadn't even won a preseason game there. And Brett had never even thrown a TD pass there in his few prior visits. The 6-1 start ties the best ever in the Favre era, happening only two other times. And over the last 11 games, including last season, the Pack has won 10. The only team better over this same span? The Patriots.

So, when things are going this good, what's there to complain about? A few things. We won't dwell on them now, as it's still nice to bask in the glow of a fantastic win. But, let just say the word "penalties," for starters. Some critical -- and outright bonehead -- mistakes. Especially by D-back, Atari Bigby. The best line that came out about his play, and I don't know who the original source was, was this: "Atari played more like a Commodore 64."

But, as I said, let's just enjoy this for another day or so and then we can critique...as needed.

...and all Packers fans lived happily ever after.