Monday, October 29, 2007

Halftime: Packers 13 - Broncos 7

The Packers are ahead at half, but doing their best to keep the Broncos in the game. Two penalties on Atari Bigby on the same drive in the first quarter led to the Broncos' TD. A 79-yard TD pass -- about 40 yard in the air and 39 after the catch -- to James Jones on the next drive by the Pack tied the score. The Broncos drove the ball to the Packers 1-yard line where they proceeded to fumble the snap, with the Packers recovering. The Pack then executed a 98-yard drive, but came up short on a running play -- despite actually running the ball well (more on that in a moment) -- and had to settle for a field goal. The Packers defense is playing well, putting pressure on Broncos QB, Jay Cutler. The Pack was able to once again execute a solid drive on running plays and once again got the ball down to about the 1-yard line. False start penalties on Tony Moll and Chad Clifton derailed a likely TD. The fact that the Pack dominated the Broncos, while having to settle for 2 field goals after getting to the one, is not a good sign.

Now as to the running game, the Packers actually were running effectively, thanks to Ryan Grant. DeShawn Wynn got the start but -- you guessed it -- went out after about the first series with some little ding. Enter Ryan Grant, who seems to be running with some real power and authority. Nice to see. But would really be nice to see a rushing TD in this game, particularly from inside the 5-yard line...assuming the line doesn't false start.

If the Pack can stop the stupid penalties and take advantage of their domination of the Broncos, the Pack should win this game by more than 3 points. If they lose it, it won't be because they were will be like Da Bearz game where they gave it away.

Stay tuned...second half underway...