Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pack beat 'Skins 17-14

This was a telling game, as noted in my pre-game post. The Packers' statement coming out of this game was that they have a solid defense. A defense that came up big when it mattered most, a defense that generated turnovers, including a turnover that turned into the game winning points courtesy of Charles Woodson, who had a very good game.

We'll analyze this a bit more later, the good as well as the bad -- and there was enough of both in this game. But for now, all we need to know is the Pack is 5-1 going into the bye week, a couple games ahead of its next nearest foe in the division. We may regret the fact that that total could and should be 6-0. But at the start of the season if anyone had said the team would be going into the off week with only 1 loss, especially looking at the schedule, I think every Packers fan would have said, "We'll take it!" And so we shall. And if the Cowboys lose to the Patriots today, we could be tied for the best record in the conference. Not bad. Not bad at all.

So let's just enjoy this one for a while. More later.