Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Justin Harrell sighting! In a game! Doing something!

Remember the Packers first round draft pick this year? You know, number 16 overall? Ol' jersey #91? No? Not surprising. Justin Harrell has been just about invisible in his rookie year. Not even active for a few games and when he is, well, does anyone really notice?

Apparently, yes. At least once. And the person noticing just happens to be head coach Mike McCarthy. In this week's episode of the Mike McCarthy TV show, while showing the replay of the fumble recovery by Charles Woodson -- who also was the player guest on the show -- McCarthy made a point to not only show the initial strip of the ball by Corey Williams but to replay the replay, from two different angles, showing how -- you guessed it! -- Justin Harrell actually made a key crushing block to likely eliminate the only early tackle threat on Woodson. Have to admit, there were so many things happening so quickly on that play that the only way you would actually see it would be in slo-mo replay...but it was a heckuva block.

So, let's give a pat on the back to Mr. Harrell for actually making a key contribution to the Packers win on Sunday. Still, as a defensive lineman, blocking isn't what it's about. It would be nice if he is eventually able to make more than the two tackles he is credited with so far this season.

Let's also remind GM Ted Thompson that, oh, I dunno, maybe a running back like Marshawn Lynch might have been worth moving up a few spots for. Adrian Peterson would have been nice, too. (Sigh)

Bubba might be out

One of the negatives coming out of the win on Sunday was seeing Bubba Franks heading to the locker room on the cart. Turns out he has a sprained knee and will likely miss the game against Denver on Oct. 29. He is still undergoing tests to determine the severity of the injury, although in an article in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel it's noted that "a source close to the situation said it was a sprain of the posterior cruciate ligament."

This leaves the Packers with Donald Lee as the team's only tight end. So look for a practice squad call up for...someone.

Koren Robinson reinstatement decision soon

Today is the one-year anniversary of WR Koren Robinson's league suspension for violations of its substance abuse policy. Robinson has applied for reinstatement and league sources, according to reports, indicate Commissioner Roger Goodell will make a decision soon. Apparently, Robinson and the Packers will be notified and then the decision will be publicly announced. Given that Robinson has been serving his suspension quietly and working out to be ready for his return, we can only hope the decision comes quickly. QB Brett Favre has been perhaps the loudest voice on this matter, stating more than once that he just doesn't understand the league policy which does not allow these players, who need support, any contact whatsoever with their team during the time of the suspension. Have to agree with Brett on that one. You have a feeling, too, that Brett is anxiously looking forward to adding Mr. Robinson into the mix with the rest of his outstanding receivers.