Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Robinson could be reinstated next Wednesday

According to reports, Packers receiver Koren Robinson could be reinstated as early as next Wednesday after serving his one-year suspension for a repeat violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy. He hopes to have a meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell this week about the matter. He has apparently been working out in Arizona and is in great physical condition.

Brett Favre has spoken with Robinson, and talked about him in his weekly meeting with the media. According to, Favre said, "I think he can offer a lot. In just my conversations with him -- and I don't doubt this -- his knee was hurt, he had a lot of off-field issues, whereas this year I think he knows where he stands, and not looking over his shoulder. He said physically-speaking, he feels great. He said ... 'the only shape I'm not in is game shape,' and the only way you get in that is you play."

Brett sounded excited about what Robinson could add to an already potent receiving corps. He noted that Robinson is still a young player and can be an example of what somebody can do when they get their life in order (paraphrasing there folks).