Monday, August 13, 2007

Rooting for James Jones on and off the field

OK, it's early in the season, let alone early in a career. But after reading this story, you get to know a bit more about Packers' rookie receiver, James Jones, and you can't help but hope he succeeds. Not only for the sake of the Packers' future, of course, but also his own.

Story sounds somewhat similar to that of another Packers' receiver, Donald Driver. No doubt there are any number of players on the Packers squad and throughout the league that have overcome obstacles to be where they are. Some are able to excel in positive ways, not only on but off the field. Others fall prey to their backgrounds; coupled with the privileges that come with fame and fortune, they can't handle it.

Let's root for Mr. Jones to fulfill the promise he brings...and to perhaps follow in the footsteps of Mr. Driver...on and off the field.