Thursday, August 23, 2007

Packers doubleheader today

Yes, you read that right. The Packers play two games today. Well, technically, one they have already played and the other is tonight's regularly scheduled preseason game against Jacksonville.

Let me explain. At 2:30 p.m. today Central time, the NFL Network will air the Packers game from last weekend against Seattle. For those fortunate few who actually receive the NFL Network, it might be worth checking out if you weren't in the original broadcast area, especially since it was such a solid and high-scoring game for the Pack. This is not to say that you don't have a life just because you can actually spend 3 hours in the afternoon watching the NFL Network (hey...I heard that!). Just passing along info here for those interested.

The second game of the day is the nationally televised game on Fox beginning at 7 p.m. Central. The Pack take on the Jags at Lambeau. This should be an interesting game for a few reasons. First, to see whether the sharpness that was present in Saturday's game carries over to this game. Secondly, because this is normally the preseason game where the starters typically play at least 3 quarters to try to get in sync before the start of the regular season; but that's not going to happen tonight...more on that in a moment. Finally, because some players will be battling in perhaps their last bid to make the roster.

Now, as to the starters and how long they play. Coach McCarthy indicated to the press earlier this week that because of the competition the team has at so many spots, the staff wants to see as much of these players as possible in order to assist their evaluations. So, you can probably read into that the starters may only play a half. Perhaps Brett might only play a quarter or so, although you can be sure he'd just as soon play the entire game. The balancing act in this third game, regardless of how long the starters play, is that they escape without injury. The Packers have already been hit with injuries -- some possibly season-ending -- at a number of positions and thus depth is already spotty in spots (is that a redundant redundancy?).

One of the positions at which the Pack thinks they may have found a gem in the rough is at fullback. After relying on William Henderson to always be there for so many years, the task of filling his big shoes (literally...I saw a pair once) might have seemed insurmountable. Yes, Brandon Miree did a serviceable job last year and was penciled in as the nominal starter this year until injuries kept him on the sidelines during most of training camp. That allowed rookie FB, Korey Hall, to step in. A converted linebacker from Boise State, Hall might at first have seemed a real project. But, barring injury, Hall may actually find himself as the starting fullback for the Green Bay Packers come regular season. There is great article about Hall and his progress in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Check it out here.

Regardless of whether you watch one or two games today, regardless of whether you have a life or not, enjoy! We are, after all, Packers fans. And it just doesn't get any better than that.