Thursday, August 30, 2007

Packers drop final preseason game

The Pack lost their final preseason game tonight against the Tennessee Titans, 30-14. About the only people that can make sense of these final games are general managers and coaching staffs. Most fans, even diehards like us, sometimes don't find much worthwhile in these games. Maybe a young player will do something to get noticed and make the team. Or it's one big fiasco fest.

Anyway, Brett and the first team offense looked good, with some great pass receptions by Bubba Franks and Greg Jennings. Scored a TD on a long drive. The second and third team...well, looked like what they are. The line didn't do much and neither did anyone else. The Pack was taking a long look at rookie RB DeShawn Wynn tonight and it was a mixed bag. He dropped a couple short passes he should have caught, had perhaps two or three runs of maybe 10 yards or so. On the night, he had 22 carries for about 55 yards. Seemed to get a bit stronger with more carries -- and remember, this was essentially his only action in preseason. But whether he will make the team? The Pack is high on him, but has he really shown anything? Not yet, but you can see why the coaching staff would like to keep him around for the future. And, given the absence of healthy running backs right now, he's probably a shoe-in.

First round draft pick Justin Harrell's preseason highlight was a fumble recovery for a touchdown at the start of the second half.

Mason Crosby, one of the two kickers still battling it out, missed a 52-yard field goal in the first half. Plenty of leg, just wide to the left. That was his first miss in a game situation.

Other than that, the only injury of note (at least as far as we could tell) was safety Tyrone Culver, who perhaps dislocated a shoulder attempting to make a tackle. He had it wrapped on the sideline. Will have to wait until tomorrow probably to find out the seriousness of it all. RB Noah Herron seemed to tweak a knee somewhere along the way and saw no more action. Didn't seem serious, but will have to wait to see. Given the injuries to backs so far...never mind...let's not even go there.

Will have to check out other viewers' and reporters' assessments tonight and tomorrow for their take on things. By end of day Saturday the team will have to go from 75 players to 53. The Packers' coaching staff and GM have some interesting decisions ahead of them. Whether tonight told them as much as they would like about some of these players, we'll find out soon.