Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ferguson released

Oft-injured six-year veteran receiver Robert Ferguson was released by the Packers on Friday. According to reports, the team tried to trade Fergie and had no takers. Given the glut of young and apparently talented receivers the Pack now have in camp, Ferguson -- as had been speculated since Spring practices -- was deemed expendable.

In a statement by Packers GM Ted Thompson, he said: "We thank Robert for everything he has given to the Packers. In addition to his contributions on the playing field, Robert has been a positive influence in our locker room and a good teammate. As with any veteran player who has been here, we wanted to make this move early because this gives him the best chance to catch on with another organization in the NFL."

No doubt some team will pick him up. On those seemingly rare occasions when he wasn't nursing an injury, Ferguson showed real flashes of what he could be: a very solid receiver. He was also a leader on special teams. So give Fergie his due.

Still, many fans never liked this pick by former GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman. As you may recall, Sherman chose the raw and unproven potential of Ferguson ahead of the proven abilities of University of Wisconsin receiver Chris Chambers. Wisconsin fans never quite forgave Sherman for that choice, nor Ferguson for being the choice. It was an unfair bit of baggage the yougster had to carry with him his entire time in Green Bay. Of course...this is just this own writer's critical as this same writer's posts have sometimes been of Ferguson. You still have to wish Fergie well wherever he lands.