Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here's something you haven't seen since...

The Packers defeat last evening of the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 48-13 was the most points scored by the Pack in an exhibition game since...oh...1938, to be exact. Against the Cedar Rapids Crush. Remember them? And, the game was played in Escanaba, Michigan. Why the Packers were playing a team from Iowa in Michigan...well...that's another story for another time by another writer who really cares.

As for us, we can be happy that there was some definite progress from the week before. Brett looked like Brett...the really good Brett. Let's face it, a passer rating of 104.2 is really good...even if you don't understand what a passer rating is. And seeing Bubba Franks catch more than a few passes was also encouraging. Brandon Jackson looked good. James Jones continues to impress. The defense...very impressive, scoring twice in the first half. And Atari Bigby, who didn't look too sharp last week looked very solid this time around.

Special teams, however, suffered a loss when return man Shaun Bodiford left with an unspecified knee injury. Will Blackmon filled in and wound up having an 83-yard kickoff return as well as a nice punt return. Hopefully, Bodiford will return without a significant injury or time away.

All in all, an excellent preseason game #2. But, remember, it is still just preseason.