Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Driver Back, Jones Impresses, Bubba Redux

News out of Packers training camp (Reader's Digest version...RD is a registered trademark of...well, look it up):

  • WR Donald Driver was cleared by the team docs to resume practice. He had failed his physical because of a shoulder problem going back to last season. Apparently, problem is now resolved or otherwise managed. Driver returned to practice and began doing what he does best: catching passes and providing leadership to the rest of the receivers.

  • Rookie WR James Jones is making a great impression at camp, catching everything in sight. In the first seasonal edition of the televised Mike McCarthy Show, a fan who had attended several days of practice gave the coach his favorable impressions of Jones and asked what the coach thought about his newest receiver. McCarthy told the fan he agreed totally with his assessment. But he also acknowledged that these are practices and it remains to be seen what can be done in actual game situations. Still, if last year's rookie sensation, Greg Jennings, is able to pick up where he left off and Jones is also the real deal, the Pack could have a dynamite 1-2-3 receiving group. There's a good article about Jones here.

  • Bubba Franks is looking to be the Bubba of old. That would be as opposed to just an old Bubba. After being hurt in 2005 and having a horrible 2006 season, Bubba changed his diet and workout regimen to better fit the Packers' zone blocking scheme. He had bulked up to provide extra blocking ability in the pre-McCarthy days; now, he will be asked to do less of that in this new scheme. He reported lighter and leaner than in past years. While Bubba will never be one to stretch the field, it would be nice if he would at least return to being the reliable set of hands he once was, especially in the red zone where the Pack had problems last year.

It will likely be a quiet day today. It's a designated off day in the training camp schedule.