Friday, August 24, 2007

Pack cuts 11 players

The first roster cuts came a day early for the Packers. Perhaps the one small surprise was second-year quarterback Ingle Martin. He was being pushed hard in camp by rookie Paul Thompson, and had a lackluster performance in last night's game, although to be fair there wasn't much protection for him. What this move ultimately may translate into is the following scenario: the Packers keep only two QBs on the roster, Brett (a-duh!) and Aaron Rodgers; Thompson gets placed on the practice squad.

Other cuts were center C.J. Blomvall, wide receiver Carlton Brewster, fullback Erryn Cobb, punter Ryan Dougherty, defensive end DeVon Hicks, cornerback Antonio Malone, guard Pat Murray, running back P.J. Pope, linebacker Juwan Simpson and tight end Joe Werner.

Poster "Remember when Favre..." speculates on the linebacker situation in his recent posts. While Hodge may be on the bubble, he survived this first cut. If Desmond Bishop continues to perform as he has, he will lock up the backup middle linebacker slot and Hodge may indeed find himself looking for work elsewhere.

There was a good personnel analysis yesterday at Check it out here.