Saturday, August 25, 2007

Driver expected back for opener

Packers GM Ted Thompson said on Friday that he expected WR Donald Driver to be ready for the season opener against the Eagles. "That's what we think will probably happen. You never know, but we feel pretty good right now. We're lucky," Thompson said during his news conference.

How does Driver feel about it? We have no idea, as Driver has yet to speak with the media since his injury. He was seen, however, wearing a boot to protect the ankle. One of his fellow receivers, Chris Francies, said that Driver looked "too sad" in the meetings, so much so that Francies didn't even want to talk to Driver about the injury.

Thompson acknowledged that Driver has had incredible recuperative powers over the years. Barring any additional problems that might yet reveal themselves, the good news is that Driver may be ready to go when the first kickoff of the regular season starts things at Lambeau. Let's continue to hope so.