Monday, March 26, 2007

Pack Signs Tight End

Don't get too excited, Packer fans. It's more or less one of our own anyway in a re-signing: exclusive rights free agent Tory Humphrey. If that name doesn't ring a bell it's because he was mainly a special teams guy. Had five tackles as a matter of fact in seven games. Didn't catch a pass though. Come to think of it, none of the Packers' tight ends did much of that last year (sorry, Bubba).

Anyway, reports indicate that Head Coach Mike McCarthy regards him highly and wants to see what he can do with his hands as well as his blocking and tackling abilities. He does have good size: 6-2, 250. He had a good 2006 season in NFL-Europe as a receiver. Didn't set the world on fire but apparently showed enough to make the Pack want him back.

So...that's about it. If you listen carefully you can hear the crickets in the corridors at 1265 Lombardi Avenue. Pretty quiet right now. Isn't there some saying about it always being the most quiet before...well, whatever. If you want to know more about Mr. Humphrey, go here.