Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Moss Rumor Just Won't Go Away

Randy Moss. Will we...or won't we?

That's what every Packer Fan is waiting to find out. Packers' CEO Bob Harlan says in reports that the feedback he got at Fan Fest last weekend was about 2 out of 3 against from fans. Why so much opposition to Moss? If you have to ask, you haven't followed football very long.

But according to an article in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Packers' GM Ted Thompson will today will give his monthly report to the team's executive committee. Expected to be on the agenda is Thompson's interest in Moss and how he proposes to get him.

This could go on a while. Raiders owner Al Davis is renowned for his stubbornness. Likewise, Thompson is known for being tightfisted with his draft picks. Still, the article indicates that sources familiar with the situation say that Thompson has talked directly to Davis about the deal. Restructuring Moss' contract would be key: there is no way in the wild world of the frozen tundra that the Pack would pay Moss' remaining base salaries of $9.75 million this season and $11.25 million in '08. That would rival for dumbness Mike Ditka's Ricky Williams draft fiasco. No, wait...nothing could rival that. Well, except maybe Ditka in the dreadlocks wig.

Apparently, though, one part of the rumor floating about is said to be untrue (a question first though: if it is a rumor, isn't it by definition neither true or untrue?): that the Packers would include QB Aaron Rodgers as part of any trade for Moss. The article indicates that the Raiders don't have any interest in Rodgers, and the Packers aren't making him available anyway. As an interesting side note, "The Voice of the Packers" Wayne Larrivee's "The Back Page" segment today on 620WTMJ Radio in Milwaukee touched on the fact that Head Coach Mike McCarthy, a QB coach, likes Rodgers and still plans on having him on board and ready to go after Brett hangs up the cleats. You can hear that March 13 clip by going to "The Back Page" page (sorry for the redundancy repetition...oops, there it is again!), or by going directly to the clip here.

As for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article, just go here.