Saturday, March 10, 2007

Griffiths - Not; Edwards -Maybe? Moss - Doubt It

OK, the Pack is pretty well set with an up-and-coming young linebacking corps. The offensive backfield is, on the other hand, a big question mark after the release of William Henderson and the free agency departure of Ahman Green. So it is a bit of a mystery as to why the Packers lost out on fullback Justin Griffith -- who seemed to fit the Packers' scheme perfectly -- to the Raiders. The Raiders? Yikes. Guess three years and $3.8 million was more than the Pack was willing to offer. Either that or that's what the going rate is to serve time in Oakland. (And to all members of Raider Nation out there who might read this, no offense intended to you as fans. I was a fan of the Raiders going back to Darrell Lamonica, Ken Stabler, Fred Biletnikoff, George Blanda, Ray Guy, etc. The Raiders were my "other team." But lately...not so much...sorry. So it is with that background in mind that I make the above comment.)

Anyway, back to the story...

So, we didn't get a starting fullback. Instead, the latest rumor is that the Pack might be in the running to pick up 11-year-veteran linebacker Donnie Edwards, currently a free agent out of San Diego. Reports speculate the Pack is interested in Edwards because: he's a heckuva linebacker, he played with the Kansas City Chiefs when Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was an assistant there, and as some security should Packers linebacker Nick Barnett decide to hold out trying to get an extension as he goes into the last year of his current contract. Seems as if KC might have the inside lane for Edwards, but they also might have already expended too much of their cap money on other signings.

The Packers also seem to be looking for help at cornerback...that's goooooooood. Cincinnati free-agent cornerback Tory James dropped in for an official visit Friday. New York Giants free-agent cornerback Frank Walker also is supposed to visit the Pack this weekend. Reports indicate that the Packers are especially interested in the younger Walker, who has served primarily as a backup and special-teams player.

As for the Randy Moss deal, seems as if that is going nowhere fast. So let's not waste cyberspace today discussing it.